Local Labeling in Argus

What is Local Labeling?

Local Labeling allows users to assess licenses without the need to open cases. This option is available only if you have access to Local Labeling in the groups you belong to.

Where are the Local Labeling settings configured?

Local Labeling configuration enables you to modify the options available through local labeling. The configuration is accessed via Argus Console > System Configuration > System Management (Common Profile Switches) > Select Local Labeling in the tree view on the left of the screen.

What are the configuration options?

Number of Cases returned in Local Labeling dialog:

This configurable number (default is 20) determines how many cases and associated assessments will be returned when a user accesses the Worklist > Local Labeling screen.

Note: The higher the value set for this option, the higher the performance impact for retrieving data on the local labeling screen.

Timeout for assessment data lock (in minutes):

This configurable time is effectively how long a lock on the local labeling rows will be held by the user. A timer counting down will appear in the local labeling screen to inform the user of the timeout status: [Time Remaining: X min]

After the timeout has occurred, the 'Action to be taken after timeout’ setting will be applied to the assessment rows on the local label screen.

Action to be taken after timeout:

Discard - After the timeout value has expired, the screen will automatically refresh. Any pending data that was not processed will be lost.

Submit - After the timeout value has expired, the rows marked as assessed will be processed and saved.

Report Scheduling After Labeling Assessment:

In the Console -> CMN_PROFILE switch, the following switch should be set appropriately for report scheduling post local assessment:

Report Scheduling when Labeling Changes from the Local Labeling Screen.

Report Scheduling will occur for those Licenses where the Labeling has changed

Business Scenario

A global company with multi-sites performing listedness assessment on a case with product that has licenses in multi-countries (example Japan). The listedness assessment on Japanese license happens after submissions of ROW reports.
Argus would schedule incorrect follow-ups for submitted ROW reports if listedness assessment of Japan license is performed from the Case-Event Assessment tab (existing bug in Argus application).
To mitigate this, perform the local labeling from the Worklist-Local Labeling Screen.


Only locked cases will appear in local labeling screen.
User should have been configured to assess an event against a license for a country (User Group-labeling countries and License- Datasheet configuration).
Cases can be outside the user’s workflow.
Clicking the Assessed button re-assesses all the reports for that license in the case.

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