PRIMO Check-out report behavior

Originally from ticket #445.

I am noticing when a report is reviewed or edited by an analyst it is being checked out. My understanding is that the report will only be checked out if the analyst hits the check out report icon. The analyst is not hitting the check out icon but the reports are displaying in the check out override tab. See attachment.


This is not the correct understanding of the way PRIMO is designed.

The check-out state is used in PRIMO to enforce Concurrency Control, that is, to ensure that only one user is able to edit/update a report at a time. As such, whenever a report is opened for edit (or review), PRIMO must check-out that report to the user to ensure that no one else can change data in that report at the same time.

PRIMO also offers a separate function, the Check-Out Report button, that allows a user to reserve a report for editing without actually opening the report. But PRIMO will always automatically check-out (reserve) a report when a user opens the report for editing or review.

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