WebReports 3.2 Service Unavailable

Originally from ticket #322.

Hi Chris,

I restarted the Oracle HTTP server and then received the error below when clicking on the WR menu option in Argus. Have you seen this on before, or able to help troubleshoot the issue?

Hi Jay,

Would you perform the following and let me know the results please:

1. From your web browser, enter the following URL:


You should see the Oracle Fusion Middleware home page displayed (see numbered page 15 of the installation guide for reference)

2. From your web browser, enter the following URL:


You should see the November Research Group logo displayed

Also, did you attempt to run WebReports from the NRG WebReports button in Argus, or did you enter the URL (from your screenshot) into a browser directly?


Chris Baker
Senior Consultant
Hi again Jay,

Please scratch my last question about how you attempted to start WebReports.

If steps 1 and 2 were successful, it's most likely the DAD in the dads.conf file. So please review the dads.conf file (it will be located in a path similar to the following - C:\Middleware\Oracle_WT1\instances\instance1\config\OHS\ohs1\mod_plsql), verifying the PlsqlDatabaseUsername, PlsqlDatabasePassword and PlsqlDatabaseConnectString are correct for the NRGAS DAD (I usually do this by trying to establish a connection from SQLDeveloper or Toad.)



Hi Chris,

Thanks, I was able to get WR to open up properly. Here is some information regarding your questions:

To answer your first email is that both URLs displayed properly.

For your second email, when looking at the dad.conf file, I saw there was a slight difference in the previous entries to this new one. After the PlsqlDatabaseConnectString line (and after our data), ServiceNameFormat was missing. I entered that, restarted the Oracle HTTP server and WR seemed to open up properly!

Also, just to confirm installation into another database/instance. I assume I will need to copy the latest dad.conf entry (<Location /NRGAS>) and paste it below with a new target database name in the PlsqlDatabaseConnectString line, then restart HTTP server. Does this sound correct, I believe that’s how we did it for 3.1? I see the Location tag doesn’t contain the target database name like before (ex. nrgwrdev2), any changes here or do I just leave it as /NRGAS?



Hi Jay,

That's good news. I suspected the URLs would work but wanted to start at the beginning.

There are lots of possible ways to configure multiple WebReports/Argus Safety installations. But, in general, you want a distinct entry in the .conf file for each installation. I suspect you have one Oracle HTTP server but more than one Argus Safety database (test/validation/production etc.). If that's the case then you will want a distinct DAD for each so that the Oracle HTTP server knows which database to poll. (Each Argus Safety installation knows which DAD to use from the value in the common profile switch that's created in section 3.2.3 of the installation guide.)

But if you have a different setup (to one Oracle HTTP server and multiple Argus Safety installations), let me know and we can walk through your needs and determine the best way forward.


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