More debugging help for WebReports 3.2 Service Unavailable

From Mike Gallegos:

per ticket 322, the DADS.conf line for PlsqlDatabaseConnectString required appending ServiceNameFormat


PlsqlDatabaseConnectString DBServer:1521:argusdb ServiceNameFormat


Once I got it working, I retested and determined the following:

1) '#' in the WR schema password is ok

I recently had an issue with '@' in DB schema password due to sqlplus connect string symbol. I thought here the dads.conf load was reading '#' as a comment; not it.


2) FDQN required for DB Server in Connect String

- either FQDN, Servername or IP can be used


3) HOSTS file needing entries for DB and Web Server or Localhost ,

- during error, tested with and without, the 503 error persisted.

- when error resolved, tested with hosts file containing entries

AND without...WR worked either way.

So the ServiceNameFormat was it.

Note another item learned during this exercise:

If before editing .conf files, you are making copies of your dads.conf, for example, save those in a separate folder.

HTTPD.CONF "include" statement will load using *.conf

so if you have extra copies of .conf files, it will load those

...hint was the ohs.log showed entries trying to load the DAD, noting it is "disabled" due to "Duplicate DAD"

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