Why is it taking a long time for my report to complete?

Eurekas WebReports output to the browser has been tested with reports containing in excess of 25,000 records which typically display in 5 minutes or less. Eureka WebReports output to an Excel CSV file has been tested with reports containing in excess of 250,000 records which typically complete in less than 12 minutes
If your report takes longer than this to display/complete it may be that your computer has insufficient memory. If this is the case, a JavaScript error is typically displayed although your browser may have been configured not to display any JavaScript errors and you should contact your System Administrator for assistance in configuring your browser to display JavaScript errors and then re-run the report.
Or attempt to increase the amount of available memory by increasing the browser's cache size, and/or closing any unrelated browser windows.
If none of these solutions work, consider using a computer with more RAM memory.
Alternatively you can attempt to reduce the amount of data used to generate your report. For example, if the report is run against a Hit List containing a large number of cases then create two or more Hit Lists containing fewer cases and run the report against each Hit List in turn. Or, in the case of the Ad Hoc Line Listing, select fewer columns for inclusion in the report especially if some of the columns are narrative-type fields which can be extremely large and which will be repeated on every row for a case if you are including multi-records fields such as product, patient lab data or event-related columns.
Lastly, ensure your company has installed the latest version of WebReports which may contain performance enhancements compared with earlier versions.

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