Configuration Steps following a “refresh” of a Eureka environment

When refreshing a Eureka environment from a back-up of a different environment (e.g. refreshing a development environment from a copy of Production), the Eureka configuration in Argus (and possibly the Eureka application server) will need to be updated.


Step 1: Updating the Eureka URL in the Argus database.

The Eureka URL is stored in the Common Profile, under the NRG folder. This URL must be updated to reflect the URL of the Eureka new application server (and port). For multi-tenant environments, this should be updated in the base tenant.

  • Launch Argus as a user with Administrator rights to the base tenant for the enterprises that utilize Eureka.
  • Open the Console and navigate to the System Configuration/Common Profile 
  • Expand the NRG folder, select NRG Eureka PV and update the Eureka URL to point to the Eureka application server for the refreshed environment.ArgusCommonProfile.png
  • Make sure to Save your changes.


Once this change is saved, you must reset IIS on the Argus application server

  • Start an RDC connection to the Argus application server
  • Open a command prompt and enter: IISRESETPowerShell.png 


Once this command completes, Eureka will launch on the proper Eureka application server.


Step 2: Updating the Data Source details

If the Eureka database schema and/or password are different in the refreshed database, you will need to update the connection details to reflect the database settings.

  • Open an RDC connection to the Eureka application server 
  • Navigate to the “conf” folder within the Eureka deployment on the Tomcat server. Note: the exact path will depend on the manner in which Tomcat has been configured on the server.conffolder.png
  • Edit context.xml file
  • Update Resource details to reflect the refreshed database details. Typically just the username and password will have changed unless you’ve created a brand new Oracle instance as part of the refresh (in which case you will need to update the url parameter to include the new database instance name). 

      <Resource name="primo" auth="Container" type="javax.sql.DataSource"



             username="EUREKAVAL1" password="EUREKAVALPWD1"

             maxActive="20" maxIdle="3" maxWait="10000"



             validationQuery="SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL" />


  • Save the changes.
  • Restart the Eureka Tomcat instance.


Once this is complete, your Argus, Eureka and the Argus database server will all be in sync.



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